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Reagent Reservoirs Reagent Reservoir Non-sterile Each

Цена (евро): 23,43 €
Цена (руб.): 1819,05 руб.
Артикул DV-Expert: 6077002 *
Артикул производителя: 9510027
Производитель: Thermo Scientific - Finnpipetten
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Reagent Reservoirs Reagent Reservoir Non-steril...
Reagent Reservoirs

Thermo Scientific™ Reagent Reservoirs provide a variety of solutions to suit all of your pipetting procedures.

Innovation goes beyond our pipetters and tips. Even our reagent reservoirs have been designed to provide solutions tailored to your procedures, rather than the other way around. Four variations of reservoirs are offered, 25mL, 25mL with divider, 100mL and a disposable polystyrene 75mL reservoir.


  • Trough within a trough maximizes the amount of liquid accessible to pipet tips when using small amounts of reagent
  • Pour-off spouts on all four corners reduce spillage when pouring reagents out of reservoir
  • Graduations on inside wall enable quick measurement of remaining liquid
  • Extra-wide base adds rigidity and stability to reservoir, helping to avoid spills
  • 25mL Divided reservoir allows the pipetting of two different reagents with up to eight channels on one side, and up to four on the other; maximizes recovery if using only single channel and small amount of reagent

  • Description: Reagent Reservoir
  • Capacity (English): 2 oz.
  • Capacity (Metric): 60mL
  • Packaging: Bulk
  • Capacity: 2 oz., 60mL
  • Color: White
  • Type: Reservoir
  • Sterility: Non-sterile

Technical data:
Номинальный объем: 60 ml
Material: PP
Color: White
Asepsis: No

Данные для транспортировки (реальные данные могут отличаться)
Страна происхождения: Finland
Вес брутто: 90 g
Объем упаковки: 0,001m3

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Reagenz-Reservoir, V-Form 60 ml, fuer Mehrkanalpipetten,autoklavierbar, VE=5

Цена (евро): 30,32 €
Цена (руб.): 2353,97 руб.
Артикул DV-Expert: 6077002 *
Артикул производителя: 9510027
Производитель: Thermo Elect.LED GmbH (Finn)

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